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Simply Angular is a AngularJS Development Company to meet all your business needs for scalable and smooth web application and multi platform mobile applications. Leveraging our unmatched technology expertise, with a client-retention rate of 95%, we have proven to be one of the most renowned IT service providers in San Francisco and NYC. An integrated team of designers and developers help us bring your app ideas to life.

Our AngularJS and Angular2 developers ensure top-notch Web and Mobile Application Development. We program the cleanest codes using the industry best practices.


We develop applications for all platforms that provide magnificent environment for the innovation of new ideologies and elements.

Front end development

We build well-structured application architectures for your products. Our JS centre of excellence always remains updated with the latest changes in this field of expertise.

Mobile apps solutions

We develop smartphone applications for all platforms that users love to get their fingers rolled on again and again.

Web development

We integrate profoundly refined web applications with development tools that give full control over various operations.


Meeting our client’s business needs for scalable and smooth web and mobile applications demanding sophisticated features with Google's Frontend framework by using:

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NodeJS Development




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React Native

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Outsource your Project!

Complete control over development using Project Management and Version Control Tools

Time Saving and quicker development with an efficient team working around the clock

Flexible hiring models that provide quality services at upto 18x lesser cost than others

Focused & streamlined business process strategy for competitive advantage

Monthly work production of 160 hours at a very low and effective cost

Mitigated risks by high-quality project management system and a tried-and-tested process for developing applications

Shorter turnaround time due to clear goals and fluent communication

Cost of operating on-demand software service is 50% less than implementing and managing an on-premise solution

Unmatched technical proficiency with highly skilled AngularJS developers

Offshore development improves work accuracy in terms of given deadlines and accurate results


How can you help a non technical person build an app?

We encourage our clients to share their expectations & ideas with our techno-commercial sales person who then explains the perspective to the team to opts the best approach.

Will my website work and look good in all devices and all desktop OS?

Yes, we will make responsive website with latest css3 to make sure it looks good in all desktop browsers along with all mobile devices and OS.

How many years you have spent in industry?

started our  journey in 2002 and have successfully completed 14 years in this industry.

What is your experience in terms of years spent in the industry and project completions?

We have successfully completed over 500 projects and  more than 100 happy clients all over the world.

How would you take care of data security?

To make the data transmission secure we are using authentication token system and for making the data storage secured we encrypt the sensitive data.

Do you face any limitations with different time zones of clients?

No, we adjust according to the client’s time zone in order to accomplish the task and  project efficiently.